Riley’s Story


Riley was our Director’s beloved dog, who spent the first six years of her life in a cramped, filthy, wire cage —producing litter after litter of puppies—without adequate veterinary care or shelter from the weather, and with no ability to play or exercise. Weakened by repeated breeding and untreated medical problems, her last litter was still-born. That’s when the breeder decided to kill her—until she was rescued and placed in a loving home.

Once in her new home, Riley received the medical attention and love she needed to regain her health. She enjoyed the rest of her life running on the beach, playing with her toys, wading in the ocean, and basking in the love of her new human family. Her story reminds us that all animals have the capacity to both suffer and experience joy, and inspires us to work towards a world where cruelty to animals is minimized, and where every animal matters.

Our logo, which depicts Riley’s favorite toy bear, celebrates the playful nature of our canine companions.

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