Taking a collaborative approach to animal welfare

June 29, 2022

Life of Riley aspires for the adoption of every shelter and rescued pet, and believes that dogs, cats and other companion animals can enrich our lives regardless of their age, size, breed, or disability status. At the same time, with respect for our community members who choose to acquire puppies from breeders, we are committed to working with the pet industry to ensure that dogs are bred with the highest standards for animal welfare. We believe this open-minded approach, which reflects our values of humility, inclusion, and collaboration, will lead to more meaningful, sustainable improvements in animal welfare and foster a widespread culture of animal care.

Further, we believe that ending inhumane dog breeding practices and other forms of institutionalized animal suffering will require a multitude of narratives, programs, and strategies developed by people with diverse perspectives, skills, and lived experiences. Therefore, Life of Riley intentionally creates space for animal lovers from all backgrounds to lead. Although we aim for our diverse partners to set aside differences and listen deeply to one another, we recognize that true relationships and collaborations require deep trust, which takes time to build. We commit to creating and supporting platforms that foster a culture of trust, listening, and relationship building.

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Non-native groups and individuals interested in rescue and dog population management on Native lands will benefit from Native America Humane Society’s guidance on culturally aware animal rescue.
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This fall, join Life of Riley at Spring Point for New Perspectives: Human-Animal Connection and Advocacy, a free webinar series designed to strengthen our collaborative efforts to end puppy mills and other forms of animal cruelty.
September 15, 2022
New research suggests that both non-profit and for-profit veterinary clinics could provide 14.5 times more care to their communities by offering payment plans to pet families.
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